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AudioEnigma Truss Packages

Truss Packages Include

4 Pc - 8.20 Ft (2.5m) Truss Section

2 Pc - 2 Way 90 Corner

2 Pc - 1'X4'Base Plates

Goal Post Package


Truss Packages Include

4pcs - 8.20Ft (2.5m) Truss Section
2pcs - 3.28Ft.  (1m) Truss Section
4pcs - 2Way Junction Box
4pcs - 1'X1' Al. Base Plate

Exhibition Module Stand


Truss Packages Include

​2 - Truss Tower Lift Systems,

7 - 9.84ft (3.00m) Square Truss Segment,

2 - 1Ton Manual Chain Stage Hoist with 30ft Chain,

LED Panel Support System

Actual Size  30'wX23'H


Truss Packages Include

7pcs - 9.84Ft (3m) Truss Section

2pcs - 2Way 90 Degree Round

2pcs - 3Way 90 Degree Round

4pcs - 1'X1' Al. Base Plate

10x10x10 Truss System

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 4.37.14 PM.png

Truss Packages Include

4pcs - 9.84Ft (3m) Truss Section

1pcs - Circular Truss 4 Segments

1pcs - 4Way Junction Box

4pcs - 1'X1' Al. Base Plate

20x20x10 Circular Truss System

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